The Bedford – In Review

I went Sunday after returning from heavy night of drinking the night before, and the dimmed lights coupled with the chilled out Sunday atmosphere was well appreciated. It is as large on the inside as it looks on the outside, with a bar that stretches 360 around the middle of the floor. The furniture is a mismatch of worn wooden chairs and elegant Cheshire couches. Continue reading The Bedford – In Review

Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping

Since moving to London, I have no money leftover in my paycheck. Having started a new job, I needed fresh additions to my wardrobe. So what can a girl do? An eccentrically fashioned new friend of mine and I went to the Wheafsheaf pub, and I mentioned her outfit looked great.It must have cost a fortune! She placed an elbow on the table and leaned … Continue reading Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping