PDA (Please Don’t Administer)

I left my flat in Tooting for work on time  (an achievement for someone as scatty as me) and headed for the underground. Anyway,  I made my way down to my usual spot on the platform, nestled myself between two groups of people at the edge of the platform. BIG mistake.

Turns out these groups of people aren’t groups at all but two sets of couples – a few people dotted here and there, mind. That’s fine. Spread a little love. I’m glad to see some couples are still enamored enough to commute to work together.

However, what I am not cool with is being a fifth wheel between one couple who are embracing like they haven’t seen each since the war and another who are making out… on the platform, in TOOTING for goodness sake. It’s hardly a romantic destination to savour!

The train clatters into the station and we all clamber on as best we can into the crowded carriages. I managed to get on a separate carriage to Romeo and Juliet, and just when I thought i had avoided Cleopatra and Mark Antony I can see them canoodling by the door.

I know many people complain about PDA’s and in most cases i find it okay. Being in a long term relationship myself, I know for sure I have been guilty of it on more occasions than I care to admit. What I can’t get over is valentines day coming 3 weeks early, and certainly too early in the morning.

Bottom line: Please Don’t Administer any caressing, canoodling, snuggling and certainly no tongues in public before 9am.

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