Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping

Since moving to London, I have no money leftover in my paycheck. Having started a new job, I needed fresh additions to my wardrobe. So what can a girl do?

An eccentrically fashioned new friend of mine and I went to the Wheafsheaf pub, and I mentioned her outfit looked great.It must have cost a fortune! She placed an elbow on the table and leaned in closer. “Charity shopping”, she says to me with a contented smile on her face. I am intrigued! On trend clothes for less…

Octavia Foundation Charity shop

Location: 36 Tooting High St, London SW17 0RG




The shop is average sized, and always stocked with quirky or stylish clothes in the window to entice you inside. There is plenty for women to look at with clothes separated into tops, jumpers, cardigan and dresses. There is even a book shelf of shoes and a coat hanger pole full of handbags as you come in. I find the bags more suitable for my mom though… Brands vary from H&M and Primark to Topshop, and while its mostly high street names, there are a few like Monki I’d never heard of.

One of the best things is that most items are averaging £2-£3 (more for coats and paintings) which means you can  bag a bargain with alomst every item in the store! It’s the cheapest charity shop I’ve visited in the area!




I personally think Octivia is great for knitwear and coats, and is suitable for young adults and alternative shoppers. Every time I go, I always see a variety of coats that scream vintage and quirky! I’ve picked up some stunning work tops there on a few occasions.

There is a men’s section too, which makes up about 1/3 of the clothing. Again, great selection of coats and even trousers. I do feel that the shirts and tops on offer are usually terrible and ugly. While this doesn’t appeal to me, I know some quirky lads that would jump straight on that!




There are plenty odd bits for the home towards the end. You never know what you’re going to see when you wonder towards this end of the shop. I know this is usually the case for all charity shops, but I’ve seen a sushi rolling machine, Harrods phone cases and beer steins. There is the usually granny bric a brac mixed in with some pretty cool finds.

There is only one changing room in the store which means at the busier times you may end up waiting to try things on.

Overall, Octavia Foundation Charity shop is a good place to find some cute clothing on a tight budget. While there may be some lower end brands in the mix, the items are usually in great condition and on trend. If you have the time to root through the rack, then I’d definitely recommend.


22 thoughts on “Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping

  1. Sounds fabulous (and I can see a few threads I might like to try on in these pictures). I love that, for all the op shops occupying London’s high streets, you found one to profile in such a delightful and enticing way. 😀

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  2. Hey, just saw your comment on my blog! Thanks for dropping by. Clearly haven’t looked at it in ages. Great to read another London blog and someone from my old ‘hood. Loved Octavia, found many gems of all kinds in there.

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