Don’t stop now

Londoners have a bad reputation for being stony faced and irritable. I disagree, and that maybe because I am one myself, making me biased. London is a hub of activity: Businesses, Banks and the people who work for them. We all have a place to be or people to see.

That being said, when somebody from outside of London doesn’t understand the etiquette of pedestrian traffic in London, it can be extremely frustrating to those whose journey becomes disrupted.

When I used to work in London Victoria, this was most apparent. The constant stream of non-Londoners and tourists into one of the main stations of London meant majority of traffic did not know the rules of city walking. I be fast walking from the underground to my work across the road, when one or more people will just stop in the middle of the pavement to have a look around carelessly. Or to talk to a friend, or look at their phone.

Now, you can do that. For all I care, you could stand there all day, but for the love of God just move to the side to allow other people through. There is nothing worse than being in commuter mode and crashing into the back of someone who doesn’t understand the disturbance of abruptly halting.



15 thoughts on “Don’t stop now

  1. Despite what I wrote on my own blog about “spoilsport” commuters, I must say I do agree with what you’re saying here! Commuter mode is something I increasingly find myself in so this is definitely a pet peeve that we share haha!

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  2. I literally could not agree more! Also, people who don’t understand the whole ‘stand on the right’ of escalators, like, it’s really not all that hard…

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  3. Never mind tourists with maps, I find Londoners really slow walkers compared to other European cities (Brescia sorings to mind). Presume they’re all worn down by work. Getting off the tube and walking fast would help them.

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