Embarrassing Moment

So today is chest and triceps day at the gym. Before work this morning, I smash out bench press, pec flys, skull crushers and so on… 

My muscles are shaking and my upper arms become stiff. I try stretching them out to get the blood flowing before my final exercise – The tricep dips to failure! (Repeating an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure, i.e. the point where a repetition fails due to inadequate muscular strength).

I set up the bench in the free weights section which was pretty empty at this time. I set myself up in the right position and lower myself down. Only problem is, I can’t get push myself back up! I look around to see if anybody noticed and I catch the eye of an older lady using the shoulder press machine. I shrug my shoulders and quietly laugh it off with her.

I get myself up and back into the beginning position using my knees, and try for the second time. My muscles shake, then give out as I reach the bottom of the dip. I give up and put away the bench when the older lady approaches me. She gives me tips on how to tricep dip.

Now while I was grateful for the advice… I gym 3-4 times a week, and have done solidly since November. My boyfriend is an avid gym junkie who teaches me how to correctly workout and the best exercise plans. So to be told by a GRANNY how to work out was sweet, hilarious and flustering all at the same time.

I tried to regain face by explaining how I was at the end of my chest and triceps workout, and that’s why my muscles worked like jelly. Truth be told, she is a frequent morning gym goer so I know her advice was sound and it was kind of her to help. But still, my Tooting street cred has plummeted…

48 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moment

  1. Funny story 🙂
    Maybe the granny is a bodybuilder or fitness instructor 😀
    If I were you, I would workout with her, and learn her tricks, ha! But that´s me 🙂
    Big hug,

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      1. Sure!! I remember when I started, I wanted to workout with the biggest guys in the gym. They broke my soul a couple of times, but the experience was great. What I try to say is there is much more than reach a goal in a number of days. Enjoy the process and the people in your journey 😉

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  2. So funny! GRannies usually know better, dont they? remember this story in a couple of decade when you ll be giving a few tips to a newbie on a machine 😉

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  3. I’m sure she was just trying to be helpful. At least she did offer advice, and didn’t just smirk – as I found when I have been to the gym. My boys helped me train at the gym, and everyone thought it was so “cute” they were training their Mum. I guess some people would put me in the “Granny” class, even though I am not – a Granny, just middle-aged. Oh well!!!!! Thanks for visiting my little blog!!!!!


    1. Of course, I dont think anything of it otherwise. I just love how the situation looked from the outside 🙂 Glad that your boys would help you like that! training with others is a good idea because you get tips and you are motivated by somebody watching you!

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  4. Cute story. I’m now wondering how old this granny is? I’m getting to be an old gal myself, I wonder when my advice will be considered to have come from a granny haha

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  5. Triceps are the most unused muscles of your body ( I heard it on a DVD of Pilates ).We need to use them so they will look good especially after 40 .. I am older than that and I try to do triceps exercises all the time i go to my gym. I like the photo you have with your post. From Italy I think ! 🙂 Happy workout !

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  6. As a “granny” myself let me help you feel better. I work out my triceps by pulling the around to the front so I can look at them and wonder why they’re so floppy. I don’t actually go to a gym but I drive past one frequently. The fact that you have to work to make your muscles feel like jelly is a stellar achievement! Mine feel that way as soon as I get out of bed. Sometimes even before! I hope this helped. lol

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      1. People who exercise impress the heck out of me. Of course I can’t do most of the things that are central to a gym workout but I don’t even do the cripple exercises I could and should!

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      2. Baby steps though! Getting started is the hardest, I usually recommend exercising with somebody, that way you are less likely to cancel your workout. If you need any help with it I’m more than happy to oblige – Home or gym exercises 🙂

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      3. My spinal cord injury prevents me from doing some things but I really do need to move more.
        I have to sit to cook and I garden on my bottom but I CAN walk for short distances.

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  7. Grannies rock. They have been parenting for two generations! They know a lot of stuff. Some of it gross and embarrassing. BTW– your font is really hard for me to read on your background — the blue on gray. Not enough contrast. I’m not a granny, but my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. 🙂

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