Brick and Liquor – In review

Unassuming from the outside, the inside the buzz of a busy Manhattan cocktail bar. The decor in this South London cocktail bar mixes original brickwork and wood, alongside brass. I went the day after the launch of their new cocktail menu, boasting 13 new cocktails – what’s not to get excited about?!




When you go, be sure to grab a seat by the show stopping centre stage – a solid steel bar, adorned with fresh herbs and rustic copper cocktail shakers. Here, you’ll get the best view of the magical creations that have been ordered (Fun Fact: It originally required the entire frontage to be moved in order to lift it into the premises!). Passionate owner David Layton has brought together a great team of bar staff are fun, creative, and were great with all of my annoying questions. I loved how they even set the drinks up for me when I got my camera out! Check out Brick & Liquor’s Flaming Creation – “The Zombie Next Door”

I had a brief chat with David about the new menu and the possibility of a refreshed food menu. It was great to speak to an owner who had clear visions for the future of the business and I look forward to seeing it become part of Tooting’s ever growing nightlife scene.


The structure of the menu caught my eye straight away. Before getting into the huge selection of exclusive cocktails, fine wines and premium lagers – you will see a well designed chart, plotting their featured cocktails on a helpful grid. For a beginner cocktail connoisseur like myself, I found this a nice touch.




First round: Clover Club, Eton Mess, and Rosemary Negroni.

Eton mess was super sweet and girly, topped with a toasted ‘meringue’ crown – thankfully, you are given a spoon to get to the good stuff underneath! Rosemary Negroni was everything I expected it to be and more: Sharp, sophisticated and curiously combined with in-house rosemary infused vermouth. I also tried a clover club for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by its rich silky texture, brought on by using egg whites. The mixologists at Brick and Liquor have perfectly balanced the sharp tastes of raspberry and lemon with the vanilla infused gin – served in a classy cocktail glass.




Second round: Amaro No.2, Salted caramel Espresso martini and Californication

The Californication looks innocent, like a breakfast smoothie – but it really isn’t. It’s loaded! It’s a great drink to enjoy in the summer; when the air is warm and heavy. My boyfriend ordered the Californication and was slightly embarrassed when turned out to be the most exotic looking cocktail we ordered all night! Amaro No.2, Italian for ‘bitter’, is not just an after dinner drink in Brick & Liquor. It is complexly spiced, encompassing its bitterness with a sweet taste, given by the Disaronno.

Now, I cannot go anywhere without trying an espresso martini. Brick & Liquor’s espresso martini has all the great qualities of a traditional espresso martini, however – they have cleverly adjusted the flavour of the cocktail with the addition of salted caramel. A nice touch, as many people do not like the taste of strong coffee. The cocktail came complete with a beautiful, caramelized, crystal sugar lattice.

While you’re there, take a look at their delicious menu, which offers a variety of tapas style dishes. Feeling peckish? My recommendation has to be the teriyaki beef. As soon as we ordered it, the smell of the marinade wafted pleasantly through the kitchen. Indecisive like us? Then there is a choice of a “Carnivore Platter” (my choice of course!) or vegetarian alternative. This is seriously good finger food so don’t be afraid to tuck in and see for yourself:




If this wasn’t enough, you can learn how to make the perfect cocktail every Thursday at #CocktailClub. Learn how to mix, muddle and mash all the trademark Brick and Liquor cocktails at no extra cost, just pay for what you drink! Wine tasting more your thing? Check out #WineWednesdays too. (I’d advise booking for both!)

Overall, the atmosphere and staff are a massive selling point. I was also really impressed with the variety and creativity of each cocktail – no two are the same! Price points are £8/£9 per cocktail, which I thought was reasonable for premium cocktails in London.

For more details, check out their website:

33 thoughts on “Brick and Liquor – In review

  1. My first glance at that menu made me think rosemary negroni – and your description of it backs that idea.
    But I thought all the way through reading that this was in Manhattan (because of your opening) – might be worth rewording that a bit in case people give up reading because they think they won’t be there. I thought you were on holiday

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, the cocktails and the food both look amazing! The bar itself looks really trendy, I’ll have to check it out sometime! x

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  3. Looks like one to check out if I’m ever in London again . The cocktails look divine. I hope you get to go to The Sky Garden soon too. Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

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  4. Hey – thanks for leaving a comment on one of my post’s on TwoMenAboutTown – lovely to stumble across the Tooting Hustle! I also recently popped into this bar, I really liked the cocktail menu. Great post! 🙂

    You might enjoy yesterday’s blog post on London rooftop bars. All the best!

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  5. Oh wow! Must check this place out when next in London. Looks fabulous. Love the look of the cocktails, menu and food. Do enjoy 😊 tapas. This is right up my street. Thanks for posting, I’ve made a note of this. Great photography by the way. Ax

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