Embarrassing Moment #3

On the night of my best friend, Hannah’s 21st night out, I was laying on her bed with a cousin of hers (I’d only just met that night), just chatting. I think before I continue I should let you know I had one of the greasiest, fat fulled kebab ever (because its not the full experience unless you have a fast food run after a night out, right??).

So imagine this set up: I’m lying on the right hand side of the bed with a fan blowing on me from the right side. Hannah’s cousin is lying to my left, under the covers and Hannah is at the end of the best.

A shifting sensation in my stomach tells me that the greasy kebab isn’t agreeing with me, and suddenly I need to pass wind. I think, “I’ll just let a little bit out to test the waters, nobody will notice”.


Her cousins turns to me and says, “Was that you?”. I feel in this situation there could have been only one obvious person. Since the fan was blowing in my direction with her behind me, I had no choice but to own up.

It wasn’t a girly fart either, or a loud one. Just a smelly, boozy big fart. So not only was I caught red handed but they now knew what digesting Kebab smells like. It is just one of those things you have to laugh off and hope nobody ever brings up (haha, yeah right!)

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