Brick and Liquor – In review

Want to know what makes the perfect cocktail? Find out Thursdays at #CocktailClub. Learn how to mix, muddle and mash all the trademark Brick and Liquor cocktails at no extra cost, just for what you drink! Check out #WineWednesdays too. (I’d advise booking for both!) Continue reading Brick and Liquor – In review

Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping

Since moving to London, I have no money leftover in my paycheck. Having started a new job, I needed fresh additions to my wardrobe. So what can a girl do? An eccentrically fashioned new friend of mine and I went to the Wheafsheaf pub, and I mentioned her outfit looked great.It must have cost a fortune! She placed an elbow on the table and leaned … Continue reading Octavia Foundation Charity Shopping