Pre-holiday jitters

Anybody who read my last blog post will know I’m getting off on holiday very soon. 36 hours to be exact!

My boyfriend and I are flying out on holiday to South Africa for two weeks. Having been born there, it’s a chance for me to visit all my family and soak up the vitamin D I have lack over the winter months. It’s the first time in a year and a half I am going to see my Grampa, Aunty and Uncles. It’s also a chance to show my partner of 4 1/2 years where I am from and introduce the majority of my family, who haven’t been able to visit England since we met. I booked it all the way in November last year, meaning it’s been a long time waiting.

Last night I began the momentous task of packing. Six pairs of shoes, five bikinis and two bulging suitcases later, I realised how close I am to my holiday. I begin to get butterflies in my stomach, not only with excitement but also concern. Have I packed my passport? I double check I have my tour bus tickets too.

Why do we get uneasy before going away? Or argue with our partner or family? Surely we should be in a better mood, knowing soon we will be laying on sun soaked sand, listening to the waves lap back and forth. Or sitting in the most exquisite restaurants in the City, sipping champagne.

For some, I guess, it’s the travelling, for others it’s arriving in the unknown. Mostly it’s simply fretting about packing for all eventualities (hence my 6 pairs of shoes).

Let me know if any of you also feel a mix of excited anxiousness, or even your own personal travel experiences!


2 thoughts on “Pre-holiday jitters

  1. I have a recurring nightmare every single time I travel that I have forgotten to pack my camera or my camera battery charger! No matter how big or small the trip is the night before I ALWAYS have this dream and wake up in a panic. As a result of this I always take 3 batteries and 2 chargers with me for peace of mind!

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