Is it Mum or Mom?

Everybody should have a definite answer to this depends on where you have been brought up. Different dialects form the way we speak and in the end determine whether we pronounce it Mom and Mum.

Personally, I use Mom. Living in South Africa until age 8 meant I was taught to spell Mom with an ‘o‘, not a ‘u‘. Even to this day I haven’t changed the way I spell it (Even if it annoys my boyfriend – hehe).

The difference between Mom and Mum is like the difference between ‘colour‘ and ‘color‘ – the former is used widely in Britain (with the exception of the Midlands/ Birmingham) and the latter in American English. However, unlike ‘colour’ and ‘color’, there is also a difference in pronunciation. Americans pronounce “mom” with the same vowel as in “father”, while the British pronounce “mum” with the same vowel as in the word “but”.

But hey, this is a general rule and I’d love to hear how others spell Mom and where they’re from! So get commenting below 🙂

44 thoughts on “Is it Mum or Mom?

  1. Being raised in the Caribbean ‘mum’ was our way if spelling it since we use the English system in our schools etc.

    I’ve now been living in the States for 20+ years and have since had to assimilate to the American system. ‘Mom’ is how it’s spelled here.

    When in Rome… ☺

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  2. I use Mum here in Australia. Australia was once under British colony and so we had many European influences, and I guess on of that is language. Same with colour. It always has to be with a ‘u’ 🙂

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  3. I am enjoying poking around on your website and meeting another Brit whose lived in South Africa. As a north American, I can identify Canadians and British by their spelling of “color/colour.”

    Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I am sending you a note about this on your contact page. 🙂

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  4. Hard to say as no one from my family is native English speaker. Sure we are mostly used to Mom but then again I learned in school the British English so Mum sounds also normal to me. However as we are not really English speakers (only as a second or third language) we settle for Mama which is usual in Germany and also in China

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