Taro Sushi Bar – In Review

It has to be said that Sushi is definitely in my top 5 foods in the world. So when I moved to Tooting, it was imperative I tried out the nearest sushi bar… And here we are!



As you can see they have  wide variety on the menu, so much so that my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach when I ordered, a starter, ramen and platter of sashimi and maki rolls. All the food was beautifully presented and made my mouth water every time other customer’s food was served.

One thing I noticed was not all the maki rolls were made properly, which may be due to the experience of the kitchen staff. Some of the rolls were not rolled fully and so there was not rice on all of it. It also took longer than necessary to be served, which may be down to it being a busy Saturday night.

The actual food was delicious! The pork tonkatsu had the tastiest marinade on it, that soaked into the bed of rice. The sashimi was well prepared and fresh, as it should be. It was all reasonably priced for London sushi so I left feeling satisfied!




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